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About Us - Plastometal Designer Combs
Plastometal is a pioneer in the manufacturing injection Moulded Plastic products using State of the art machinery and modern manufacturing facilities which was ventured in 1958 in world of Plastics.
We are an ISO 9001 Certified Company. Our Combs are branded under the name "Designer Combs"
Our Product List goes like this:
High quality combs in different sizes, styles, designs and shapes to meet the present requirement at home & aboard.
Our Combs are manufactured in size of 4” to 9” our major clients range from corporate to FMCG. These clients’ deal with FMCG products like soaps, shampoo, herbal and consumer products, offer our combs in their promotional and as gift packages.
Plastic Household Products
Multi Shaped containers in different sizes and capacity variant colour and designs.  We are located in midst of one top industries in South East Asia with latest technological Development in Mould esigns and processing techniques. Our staffs are well qualified and highly innovative always work in team which is an integral part of our success.  We Have backup generators for un interrupted production to maintain constant and regular supply. Timely delivery is our goal.  After carving a niche for ourselves in India we are looking beyond the national boundaries for challenges in the overseas and exporting to various countries in a big way.
Designer Combs is a name to reckon with for world class plastic combs and House hold products in India which is at par with international quality.
Plastometal quality processing is a management philosophy based on commitment to continuous improvement, focus on customer & commitment to environment.